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Slashed prices

Add the easy-to-use shopping plugin to your browser and pay less for all goods in your favourite stores
Price cut in a few clicks
A new way to shop online – get a built-in plugin and a permanent price cut for each and every purchase
1 min
Install Slash to your favourite browser
2 mins
Securely link your email and bank card number you'll use to get a lower price
Pay less for all you purchases instantly in 150+ stores and services

Guardian of your data

Your data's fortress is at Slash! We've got your back with industry-leading security standards.
No third parties
We're all about your privacy. Your data is safe with us, and we never share it with third parties.
Secure data transactions
Your card transactions remain fully protected, inaccessible to both merchants and the Slash team.
Bank-level protection
With 256-bit encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication, unauthorized access is out of the question.

Slash price cut – the quickest and the most enjoyable way to get ″thank you″ from stores and services for each purchase.

Real people, real savings

John, 40 y.o.
Manager from Whitby
John's into fishing, does it in all seasons
Clicks Slash button every time he shops on eBay
″I have got price cuts and saved extra 400£ for a new fishing kit and a wader jacket″
Amie and her husband have just got a new apartment
Uses Slash to buy more on B&Q, Dunelm and M&S
″Got reduced prices for apartment supplies and my kid's clothes. I managed to buy more than I'd thought I could afford″
Emie, 30 y.o.
Designer from Canterbury
Do I need to open a Slash website to shop each time?
No, the extension works automatically from your browser as soon as you install it. You will always see a price-reducing button on supported store websites.
How long does it take to install the extension?
It should take you 1-2 minutes to install Slash and be ready to start shopping. Install it once in order to enjoy slashedprices any time you want further on.
Why do I need to insert my credit card data when I sign up?
Reduced prices work with the card you insert. When you link your card to Slash, you choose the method through which you receive price reduction.
Is Slash really free to use?
The service is entirely free of charge and will remain so due to our partner programs with stores.
Can I use Slash with other services?
Slash works with 150+ shops and services to help you book hotels, buy clothes, home goods, baby and pet products and make many more necessary purchases. Click here to discover all the options available.
Does Slash have a mobile version or does it work on PC only?
Slash plugin has been created specially for desktop and laptop use. Buy anything you need with reduced prices every day on your PC or Mac.
Do you collect or share data with any 3rd parties?
We care about you privacy and have been certified according to the PCI DSS standards. All data is securely stored on our servers, and fully encrypted – nobody, even Slash, can see your data.
Does Slash work with Amazon?
Currently, Slash does not support Amazon. However, our team is working hard on making it available in the near future. You may now use any of the 150+ shops and services including Aliexpress and Ebay.
Can I still I return my purchase if I use Slash?
Yes, you still can return your purchase if you need it. The process does not differ from any other regular return.
PCI DSS Certificate
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was formed by Visa, MasterCard, etc. and designed to prevent cybersecurity breaches of sensitive data and reduce the risk of fraud. The certificate shows we follow the highest security standards.
Google Web Store regular review
This review for extensions is provided by Google to check compliance with the developer program policies. At Slash we often go through the review to make sure your data is protected.